Police arrest man accused of abusing his dog on side of road

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Police arrested a man who they said punched and kicked his dog on the side of a road Friday in Beaverton.

Beaverton Police Officer Mike Rowe said several drivers called 911 after they saw Edward Ford, 59, abusing his dog, Hana, as they drove on the Highway 217 ramp from Barnes Road. Witnesses said the man was a panhandler and was hitting and kicking his dog that was tied to a post.

When police arrived and asked Ford about the alleged abuse, he told them the drivers were all liars, Rowe said. The officers said Ford was getting more agitated and Hana began cowering every time he raised his voice.

Police arrested Ford on one count of animal abuse and took him to the Washington County Jail. Hana was taken to animal protective services. She did not appear to have any serious injuries.

Anyone who witnesses an animal being abused is asked to call police and animal control.