Police arrest man in connection with videotaped beating in Milwaukie

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - Police said a tip from a concerned citizen led them to a suspect in the severe beating of 59-year-old Joseph Garvey on Thursday.

Police said Timothy Richard Sullivan, 26, was taken into custody Monday evening without incident. They found him at an apartment in the 12600 block of Southeast River Road.

Sullivan was taken to the Clackamas County Jail where he faces second-degree felony assault, which is a Measure 11 crime.

The alleged assault happened on Southeast 19th Street in Milwaukie.

KATU News obtained a video of the beating, which left Garvey with a nose broken in two places and severe swelling.

Garvey said the attack happened around 9 p.m. Thursday after he yelled at a driver on his street to slow down

KATU obtained the video of the incident. Warning, the video is dramatic and shows the beating. There are also what to be appear to be gunshots heard, but that has not been confirmed.