Police arrest suspect in stolen coins case

WOODLAND, Wash. - Police in Woodland have made an arrest in a stolen coins case.

Dakoda Garren stole 15 boxes of coins from Sharon Waldron, who kept the collection in her garage, police said. Garren was doing yard work for Waldron and his girlfriend was doing house work.

Waldron said some of the coins date back to the 1700s. The collection of gold and silver coins included what Waldron said was an authentic Abraham Lincoln presidential campaign token and Morgan silver dollars minted in the late 19th century.

Her son notices the coins were stolen earlier this summer.

Of the 15 stolen boxes, only six coins have been recovered, according to police.

Garren admitted to stealing them and using them to pay for food, gas and bills. He told police he dumped some of the coins into a Coinstar machine and sold some rare ones to coin shops.

He faces theft and trafficking stolen merchandise charges.