Police chief praises Reynolds PE teacher for actions during shooting

TROUTDALE, Ore. - After Tuesday morning's shooting at Reynolds High School that killed a student and left the suspect dead, Todd Rispler walked out of the school with a bullet hole in his shirt.

Rispler is a 50-year-old PE teacher at the school. He was an all-star athlete, and on Tuesday he was an all-star teacher.

Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson praised the actions of the former track coach and quarterback.

"Despite being injured, (Rispler) made his way to the office and initiated the school lockdown procedure," Anderson said.

A bullet had grazed his hip. He had to have some stitches, but family members told KATU that's he's OK.

Many students were worried about Rispler. They said he's not the kind of guy to let something like this shake him up and does his best to not let it shake up the kids.

"We were worried for him for a while because we didn't see him," said senior Jordan May. "Then he was in the parking lot and looked all right. He was walking around laughing, smiling like he is all the time. Always making other people laugh, making people feel better, even after what happened to him."

Rispler's been teaching PE at Reynolds High School for several years, but he also has coached basketball, track and football.

He also was a student at the school, and he was nearly paralyzed after a collision in a football game.