Police detain man with unloaded guns near PCC Sylvania campus

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police took a man who had two unloaded guns in his car into custody near the Portland Community College Sylvania Campus Tuesday morning.

Officers received an earlier report that Jacob Rosen, 35, may have been suicidal and on his way to the PCC campus. Police stopped Rosen when he arrived. They found a shotgun and a handgun in his trunk, but the guns were not loaded and there was no ammunition in the vehicle.

Officers took Rosen to a police facility to investigate further. Rosen is a student at the PCC Sylvania campus, police said.

Police said there is no indication Rosen intended to hurt anyone other than himself. There was no threat to anyone at the campus, according to police.

Officers later determined Rosen was involved in prior incidents of domestic violence involving his girlfriend. Rosen was arrested on charges of menacing, harassment and assault in the 4th degree. Police took him to the Multnomah County Jail.

Police seized and rifle and a shotgun with ammunition from Rosen's home.

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