Police: Driver takes off with officer hanging on to car

GRESHAM, Ore. Police in the Gresham say a driver trying to flee after hitting a tree drove off in reverse with an off-duty Homeland Security officer hanging on to the black Lexus.

Lt. Claudio Grandjean said the officer let go when the driver stopped Thursday night. The officer was not hurt.

The driver took off again but hit a raised curb and disabled the car. At that point, the driver fled on foot but a police dog tracked him to a swampy area and flushed him out to waiting officers.

Grandjean says the off-duty officer initially watched the vehicle spin out and hit the tree. The officer says he stopped and identified himself, but the driver was trying to take off so the officer reached into the car to take the keys. That's when the car took off in reverse for about 150 feet.

The spokesman says 33-year-old Sean Hacker of Gresham was arrested and will be charged with a variety of offenses.