Police find 'bottle bombs' at Sherwood middle school

SHERWOOD, Ore. -- Police are investigating who left four "bottle bombs" in the parking lot of a Sherwood middle school.

Police were called at 11 a.m. Wednesday to Laurel Ridge High School, 21416 S.W. Copper Terrace, to a report of suspicious plastic bottles in the parking lot. The bottles were partially filled with a liquid and aluminum foil.

After the area was cordoned off, the Metro Explosive Disposal Unit responded to investigate the bottles and determined they were makeshift explosives commonly referred to as "bottle bombs," police said.

The explosives unit destroyed two of the bottles; the other two appeared to have malfunctioned, Sherwood police said.

The bottle bombs are part of a growing trend of makeshift explosives being left in areas where people could pick them up. Folks who come across suspicious bottles are advised not to touch them and call police.

If you have information on who might have left the bottle bombs at Laurel Ridge, call the Sherwood Police Department at 503-629-0111.