Police: Grandpa arrested for firing shotgun as teen fled home

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Police say a Battle Ground man fired a shotgun as a teen was climbing out of his home early Sunday morning.

Bill Bicknell is charged with assault. Police say the 67-year-old man told them he thought the teen was an intruder. He said he heard noises in his home and fired his shotgun to scare them away.

Investigators later discovered that the Bicknell's 15-year-old granddaughter had invited several other teens to the home.

Bicknell's home was hit with shotgun pellets, but none of the teenagers was hurt.

The teens ran from the home. Deputies found all of the teens except for one and thought he might have been hurt. They used a K-9 and thermal vision, but couldn't find him. He was found several hours later, unhurt.

Bicknell was taken to the Clark County jail and booked on a charge of Assault in the first degree. The investigation is continuing.