Police: Grant HS student was dealing pot, coke and heroin

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police arrested a high school senior they said was regularly dealing drugs to his fellow students at Grant High School.

Police started investigating after getting several complaints from neighbors about drug dealing activity at the home of 18-year-old Jacob Sause. Investigators also heard reports that Sause was regularly dealing to Grant students, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson.

About two months ago officers from the Neighborhood Response Team delivered a 'chronic nuisance property' letter to the homeowner, Sause's father, explaining the complaints from neighbors. Officers hoped things would get better, but instead the complaints intensified, Simpson said.

That's when investigators got a search warrant for the home.

On Thursday afternoon, officers with dogs served the warrant at the Sause home in the 2700 block of NE Hancock Street.

They confiscated around 10.5 ounces of marijuana, and small amounts of cocaine and heroin, Simpson said. Officers also said they found drug packaging materials, a digital scale, a handgun and a small amount of cash.

Jacob Sause was arrested and charged with 20 different drug-related charges - 14 of them felonies. He is being charged as an adult and bail was set at $600,000. Sause appeared in court on Friday and pleaded not guilty. His next court date is May 20.

Sause's charges include dealing marijuana, cocaine and heroin near a school. His house is 0.8 miles from Grant High School and also close to Beverly Cleary Elementary School.

We stopped by the house on Friday and spoke with Sause's older brother Henry, who was angry at his younger brother.

"I am mad at him for keeping this secret from me and my dad for so long," Henry Sause said. He said the family had no idea what Jacob was doing and that Jacob denied the allegations laid out in the nuisance letter. "And the fact that he was putting me and my dad, and my brothers, in danger for so long. I hope he gets what's coming to him."

You might be wondering why police didn't arrest Jacob Sause when they delivered the nuisance letter two months ago. A police spokesman said they did not have probably cause at that time. They started an investigation because they got so many complaints from neighbors, even after police had warned the teenager's dad.

Jacob Sause's dad is a criminal defense attorney in Portland. We have left several messages for him but have not heard back.