Police: Gresham man arrested for killing mother's cat, trashing house

GRESHAM, Ore. - Police arrested a Gresham man who they said killed his mother's cat and destroyed the inside of her home on Monday.

The victim called police and told them that her son, 27-year-old Jonathan Wagner, had killed her cat, thrown things around in her house, cut TV cords and destroyed her car, according to the police report.

Wagner was gone when officers arrived, but the inside of his mother's home was trashed, police said.

Officers took Wagner into custody a short time later.

Police said Wagner may have been upset by his mother's request for him to move out of her home.

"In his rage, Wagner is believed to have smashed in a car windshield; broken pictures, figurines, wall hangings and lamps; poured liquids on the carpet and walls; scrawled threatening messages to his family on paper and doors; and killed Tom, his mother's 16-year-old tabby cat whose throat appeared to be cut," police said in a news release.

Wagner's mother took Tom into her home last year after her father died, police said.

Officers took Wagner to the Multnomah County Jail. He's charged with criminal mischief in the first degree and aggravated animal abuse in the first degree.