Police: Gun threat made during Beaverton road rage incident

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Police arrested a man accused of pointing a gun at three people in a car Saturday afternoon near Washington Square Mall.

Police arrested Anderson Harguth a short time after the incident. Sean Mathews was a passenger in the car that was targeted. He says Harguth sped up and tried to force them off the road.

When they tried to move out of the way, they say Harguth pointed a gun at them.

"He took both hands off the wheel, held it up, put the magazine in and slid the hammer back," said Mathews.

Another passenger in the car was able to get the license plate.

The victims say there was a child in the backseat of Harguth's car. Harguth is charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Police found two handguns in Harguth's car. No one was hurt.