Police investigating whether man shot by police fired at them

PORTLAND, Ore. - Neighbors and family members of the man who was shot by police Tuesday night say police never identified themselves before they opened fire, but police say they did so "repeatedly."

Originally, police said they got into an exchange of gunfire with 31-year-old Alberto Flores-Haro in the 9500 block of Woolsey Avenue at about 10 p.m. He was shot and taken to the hospital, but late Wednesday afternoon, police said they recovered a handgun at the scene but have not determined if it was fired at them.

Flores-Haro was shot twice in the stomach and once in the arm, according to witnesses. He is in serious condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

Family and neighbors said Flores-Haro did nothing to deserve getting shot.

Witnesses said they heard at least seven shots outside the home where Flores-Haro was shot in his doorway.

His stepson, Danial Ibarra, said Flores-Haro thought someone was trying to break in so he got his gun to scare them away.

But they weren't burglars; instead, they were plain-clothes officers and others in camouflage.

A family member, who watched the whole thing, said when Flores-Haro opened his door, officers yelled profanities at him and then started shooting.

"He thought they were just regular people trying to steal and stuff," said David Dronov, who witnessed the shooting. "He went out and they just shot at him. ... They shot him for nothing. He didn't do anything wrong - just an innocent person."

There are several bullet holes outside the home and blood smeared across the porch and sidewalk where Dronov said he watched officers pulled Flores-Haro after he was shot.

Officers did make arrests on a search warrant two doors down where neighbors said at least one gang member lives. Anthony Bagsby, 20, and a 16-year-old boy were arrested and charged with attempted murder and robbery for a shooting in the same neighborhood three days ago. Police said the search warrant and arrests were unrelated to the shooting.

Portland police said its SERT members were unavailable last night because they were training. So the Washington County Sheriff's Office's tactical team, which is a multi-agency team, was called out to assist the Portland Police Bureau's Gang Enforcement Team in the search warrant. They called the serving of the search warrant "high-risk."

Police said three members of the tactical team were involved in the shooting, a Hillsboro police officer and two members of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.