Police looking for missing woman after SERT incident in NE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. - A day after an enormous police response that evacuated homes and shook up a whole community, neighbors are asking police to explain what actually happened in the white house on their block.

Police confirmed they are looking for a missing woman whose disappearance was deemed suspicious after a SERT team was sent to a home in N.E. Portland late Friday night.

If you've seen 59-year-old Renee Sandidge, call police immediately. She's a white woman who is 5-foot-2, 100 pounds with red hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen on foot.

Around 11 on Saturday morning, officers were sent on a welfare check in the 3900 block of N.E. 66th Ave. Things looked suspicious, so they called in homicide detectives.

Later in the day, a SERT team was brought in and tear-gassed the house.

Some residents nearby were evacuated for 12 hours, only allowed back home on Sunday morning.

"I had nothing. Just the clothes on my back," said Jyl Smith, who lives two houses down. "It was a true emergency situation so we understood."

Neighbors also said they heard loud explosions, flashes of light and felt tear gas.

On Sunday, the home was a major mess with shattered windows, a smashed fence, and chunks of debris all over the front yard, surrounded by police tape and a half-dozen officers.

It was still not clear what happened or what detectives found inside the home.

Sandidge rented the basement, according to neighbors, and frequently clashed with the owner who lived upstairs.

For non-emergency information about Sandidge's activities recently, call Det. Mark Slater at (503) 823-9319 or Det. Erik Kammerer at (503) 823-0762.