Police: Man stabs attacking pit bull to death in Sherwood

SHERWOOD, Ore. - A Sherwood man stabbed a pit bull to death while it attacked him and his dog Tuesday morning, police said.

Jordy, the 4-year-old lab mix, limped back home Tuesday afternoon after a long day at the vet.

His owner, Aaron Shields, was also released from the hospital.

"The dog was thrashing and snarling, just like you'd imagine in a vicious attack," said Aaron's wife, Nancy Shields, who was inside the house during the attack.

Aaron Shields told police that left his home with his dog just before 7 a.m. when an unattended pit bull began attacking his dog. Shields said he tried to stop the pit bull, but it bit him as well.

That's when Aaron ran inside and grabbed a kitchen knife.

It's now part of the evidence room at Sherwood Police headquarters.

"He came out and tried to stop the dog with one stab. It got more vicious. He had to stab it until it stopped and let go," said Nancy.

The pit bull was killed.

"In that split of a moment, it went so quickly, there was nothing else you could do. The dog was holding on to our dog and becoming so vicious and was right at the doorway so he could easily been coming in the house. I was in the house. My husband did the right thing doing what he had to do to protect his family," Nancy told KATU in the family's first and only interview.

Medics took Shields to a hospital. His dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Police found the pit bull's owner, Jeremy Scott of Sherwood, and cited him for violating the city's dangerous dog code. He is scheduled to appear in Sherwood Municipal Court, where he could be fined up to $500.

Scott did not answer the door at his apartment a few blocks away.

Police say it's the second time they've dealt with his pit bull. Last time, it was involved in a dog fight, but did not attack any people.

Washington County Animal Services responded to 386 human dog bite victims in 2013, according to the field supervisor.