Police: Person of interest arrested in death of Hillsboro woman

HILLSBORO, Ore. - Police went to an apartment Friday morning on a report of a stabbing and found Aimie Zdrantan dead. Her boyfriend, Eric Petersen, a person of interest, has been arrested by Hillsboro Police.

The apartment located at 1821 Minter Bride Rd. is where police were called at about 11:40 a.m. Friday. Hillsboro Police found Zdrantan after a fatal stabbing at the Minter Bridge Square apartment.

On August 30, Clark County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Petersen on a Probation Violation warrant near LaCenter, Wash. Petersen was booked into the Clark County Jail. Hillsboro Police Department detectives are continuing their investigation into this case.

Detectives identified 24-year-old Eric Christopher Petersen as a person of interest in this case on August 29. Peterson was Zdrantan's boyfriend and also goes by the alias "Eric Brown."

"Anytime you have somebody who dies of homicidal violence, we have a duty to that person, to their family to find the suspect, the person who caused this and bring them to justice., so theses are the most challenging, the most intricate cases that we investigate," Hillsboro Police Sgt. Eric Bunday said.

One man who said he's lived in the complex for four years told KATU News Reporter Hillary Lake that nothing like this has ever happened there. He called the complex "quiet."

Another neighbor, Robin Guzman, said, "It's kind of scary. I live here with my children and my grand babies and it kind of puts me on edge."

Police interviewed neighbors and worked on leads. They combed through the apartment complex and also went through trash dumpsters looking for clues.

People who live at the apartment complex were being allowed to go to their homes, but police kept an eye on who was coming and going in an effort to keep the crime scene secure.

Police said they don't believe this killing is related to Nicole Laube's murder, which also happened in Washington County. She was stabbed to death at the Timber Creek Apartments in Cedar Mill last week. The suspect in that case is still on the loose.