Police raid 15 homes in major marijuana bust

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. -- Fifteen homes were raided Thursday morning by police in a major marijuana bust.

Of the homes raided, 13 were in Washington County and the other two were in Portland.

More than 30 people were believed to be involved in what police described was an organized crime operation.

Investigators were first tipped off about the grow operation last December. The growers reportedly shipped the marijuana to eastern states, like New York and Texas, where medical marijuana is not legal, police said.

About 50 pounds of marijuana were shipped out of state every month, bringing in $100,000 a month for the growers.

In total, investigators seized forfeiture of 11 houses, five vehicles, more than 2,600 marijuana plants, 34 pounds of dried marijuana, 12 firearms and more than $80,000 in cash.

Of the houses raided, some were grow houses with no one living there; they were apparently decorated outside and landscaped, so neighbors didn't suspect anything, police said.

No arrests have been made yet and the cases will go before a Washington County Grand Jury.