Police say teen driver was using inhalants before crash that hurt 2 girls

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - Police arrested a man they said hit two girls as they walked down the sidewalk in Wilsonville back in August.

Tyler Joos, 19, turned himself in to police. Investigators said he had been huffing inhalants before the crash that seriously injured two middle school students.

He now faces charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving and multiple assault charges.

Investigators say arresting someone from driving under the influence of inhalants is unusual.

Joos did not have much to say when he appeared in court on Thursday. A judge allowed his mother to bail him out on the condition he doesn't contact the victim and that he does not operate a vehicle unless he's properly licensed and insured.

The two victims in this case have now recovered from their injuries. The girls and their families declined to comment on the charges.

Joos was arrested after an extensive investigation that included a forensics lab in Florida determining that he used inhalants, a police spokesman said.

"A crash of this nature requires a precise and diligent investigation, which takes time to be done correctly," said Chief James Rhodes of the Wilsonville Police department.

Joos is due back in court on December 10.