Police: six children inside home when gang-related shooting happened

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Six children were inside of a home in Northeast Portland when a gang-related shooting happened, according to Portland Police. They're also searching for one suspect who sprayed the front of the house with bullets, hitting, and injuring, three women inside.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the 11100 block of Northeast Knott in the Parkrose Heights neighborhood.

Police said youngest of the children is nine days old; the oldest is six years-old. None of the children were hurt. It's unclear where they are staying now.

Police also released the names of the adult female victims. They are Monique Shelby, 48, Farah Bertrand, 27, and Audreanna Young, 24.

Shelby and Bertrand were taken to a Portland hospital with gunshot wounds. They are expected to be OK. Young was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Police said even though they are searching for a suspect, they don't have any information about that person.

KATU News reporter Hillary Lake went to the home where the shooting occurred on Thursday night. No one was home. She found between eight and 10 bullet holes scattered across the front of the house. Each one had a police evidence marker next to it, which shows the holes are two centimeters in diameter, roughly the size of a nickel.

One neighbor said Monique Shelby lived in the house with her husband, Anthony Young, and Young's daughter, Audreanna. That neighbor believes the shooter was targeting Anthony Young.

Other neighbors said the couple had lived in the house for almost five years. They said people are always coming and going from the home, and they believe it's a hotbed of drug and gang activity. Some neighbors said, although the neighborhood is usually quiet, they're afraid to be outside in their yards because of the people who come around.

A Portland Police spokesman confirmed to KATU News that Wednesday night's shooting is the second shooting to happen at that home in three years. The other shooting happened on January 6, 2011. The spokesman couldn't determine if anyone was hit during that shooting.