Police: Student, 17, built explosive device to detonate at high school

ALBANY, Ore. - A 17-year-old West Albany High School student was arrested late Thursday night after police say he constructed an explosive device with plans to detonate it at his school.

The student was taken into custody at his Albany home on suspicion of two counts of possession of a destructive device and two counts of manufacture of a destructive device.

The investigation began when police received a tip that the boy had constructed a device and had targeted his high school, according to a news release from the Albany Police Department.

Officers began investigating and found bomb-making materials in the boy's home along with already-built devices, said Albany police Capt. Eric Carter.

Carter did not elaborate on details of the device, but said "this is beyond a kid playing with a couple of cherry bombs. It was serious enough to warrant calling out the bomb squad."

On Friday, the Oregon State Police's explosive unit removed the materials and devices.

The school was also swept Thursday night as a precaution, but nothing suspicious was found, Carter said.

While investigators don't believe any explosives are at the school, Carter said authorities will conduct an extensive search to ensure it's safe for students to return to school on Tuesday after the long Memorial Day weekend.

Classes weren't in session Friday for an unrelated reason, Carter said.

Carter could not release further details about a possible motive, citing the active investigation.

He described the case as very serious. "This went above and beyond teenage curiosity," Carter said.