Police surprise teenager battling brain cancer with gift

WEST LINN, Ore. -- Jake Stoneking put 17 dreams on his bucket list.

They're simple goals and wishes for a 19-year-old teenager from West Linn. Stoneking wants to take his cousins fishing, visit friends in college and fly in a helicopter.

On Saturday morning, West Linn police teamed up with Jake's parents to help him check two of his dreams off the list.

"My nerves are going crazy," said Jake, as the helicopter landed at the boat ramp and he hopped inside. "This is insane."

The best part?

The helicopter ride was a surprise.

"I thought I'd be sitting at home," he said. "You guys are too nice to me. This is insane. This is something everybody should do in their lifetime."

Sadly, Jake's lifetime will be much too short.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009. At the time, his parents thought he beat it.

"He had treatment. You go along and think everything is fine," said his mom, Wendy Stoneking.

Four years later, the brain cancer returned in January.

This time, doctors told the family there is no surgery that would help.

"It is terminal. He's facing the end of his life. We feel like we should celebrate it, and not sit around and wait," said Wendy.

And thus, Jake's bucket list was born.

Click 'Play video' to watch his surprise moment.

Here are the remaining items of Jake's bucket list:

  • Go to a UFC fight.

  • Hunt a spring black bear.

  • Take cousins fishing.

  • Ride dirt bike one last time.

  • Hunt ground squirrels

  • Laugh til I cry

  • Visit college friends

  • Take no s*** from no one

  • Get a tattoo

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