Teacher arrested for heroin and meth possession outside school

Brynne M Fletcher (Courtesy Clackamas County Sheriff's Office).jpg

Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies say a teacher was discovered acting "strangely" outside school Tuesday, and was arrested shortly after for heroin and meth possession.

Police were called to Alder Creek Middle School around 10:30 a.m. when a school official saw special education teacher Brynne Marie Fletcher, 33, repeatedly walking back and forth between the school and her car.

Responding officers found drug paraphernalia in her car and arrested her for possession of a controlled substance - heroin and possession of a controlled substance - methamphetamine.

School officials say Fletcher had submitted her resignation for the end of the year prior to this incident. She had been teaching at the school since August 2014, and has been placed on administrative leave.

North Clackamas School District officials released the following statement following Fletcher's arrest:

North Clackamas School District is disappointed to report that earlier today on Tuesday, March 14, 2017, a teacher at Alder Creek Middle School was arrested after drug paraphernalia was found in the staff member's vehicle.

A school administrator promptly contacted Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to report that he noticed, what was believed to be, drug paraphernalia in the teacher's vehicle after seeing her in her vehicle prior to school starting. After an investigation, authorities arrested Brynne Fletcher for possession of a controlled substance.

Ms. Fletcher began employment in North Clackamas School District as an instructional assistant in 2012 before being hired as a Learning Specialist at Alder Creek Middle School in 2014. The required fingerprinting and background checks completed by the district did not reveal any criminal record.

Ms. Fletcher, a teacher who works with a very small group of students on specialized instruction, recently submitted her resignation prior to this incident effective at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

As a result of this incident, Ms. Fletcher is on administrative leave pending further investigation.

Since news of this nature is difficult for any school community, the district will provide support to the Alder Creek community and will provide support and continued instruction to each of the students impacted by this incident. North Clackamas School District wants all students to feel safe.

The district is not able to provide any further information about the teacher at this time, however, will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement.

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