Political robocalls originated from state Rep. Julie Parrish

PORTLAND, Ore. - After a barrage of strange political robocalls hitting the Portland area all weekend, it was revealed Tuesday that a political consultant was hired by state Rep. Julie Parrish to set them up.

State and county offices have received dozens of complaints in the last few days about these recorded calls.

The messages made it sound like voters won't get their mail-in ballot because their names were inactivate.

Elections officials say in most cases that's not true. The consultant, Tim Trickey of Northwest Market Research, says he got the list from the secretary of state's office but did not check to see if it was accurate.

"I was approached by (state Rep.) Julie Parrish (R-West Linn) and a number of other people about doing this project. The intention was good, the execution was not," he said.