Portland 5K Foam Fest run canceled, no refunds offered

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Organizers of the Portland 5K Foam Fest canceled the event and will not offer refunds.

The event was set for July 26 at Portland International Raceway and would have included several obstacles similar to the the ABC television show "Wipeout".

Earlier this week, registered runners received an email from Round House Racing stating that the event was canceled and that no refunds would be given.

"To take your money and not even offer a refund it's criminal," Shellie Brandt said.

The email also told customers no one would be able to respond to emails and phone calls.

"Maybe $60, $90, $100 is not a lot for some people but it is for me," Brandt said.

As of Friday, the company's websites are still up and running for other events around the country.

"It doesn't say anything about them going out of business. Their website is not down and when you try to call them. You can't get a hold of anyone because the phones are disconnected," Brandt said.

Round House Racing did not return any calls or respond to any emails from KATU.

The Better Business Bureau says you can file a complaint against the company based in Utah.

Red Frog Events, a different company that puts on theme races, will offer those who registered for the Portland event a free entry to one of their events.

The message on says:

"Dear 5k Foam Fest Friends, Our organization has spent years and an incredible amount of money perfecting this great event for the runners we admire so much. However, due to limited resources we are sad to announce that the 5k Foam Fest is cancelling all future events and will no longer be in business as of July 17canceled After tireless efforts to find a way to help us finish out our season; we simply can't continue to move forward. However, the 5k Foam Fest Canada is an entirely different organization and will continue to operate business as usual.

For those registered for a 5K Foam Fest that will no longer being taking place, we know that you've spent time and energy preparing for your event. We reached out to some industry friends, and we'd like to thank Red Frog Events, the leaders in the running and active entertainment industry, who have stepped up to generously offer you a free registration to any of their 2014 or 2015 running events, which includes Warrior Dash, Epic Fail Challenge, Cocoa Classic, Bacon Chase, and more to come over the next year, to make up for the cancelled Round House Racing event you are registered for. You will receive an email from Red Frog Events within the week with a promo code to the email address you registered with to 5K Foam Fest, good for one free registration and 25% off another registration, in the case you'd like to bring a friend or family member at a discounted rate.

Please do not reach out to Red Frog Events for any information other than discussing registering for one of their events. They do not have any direct affiliation with 5K Foam Fest and do not have details on the cancelation of our events, other than offering you a free registration to one of their running series.

While the 5k Foam Fest no longer has staff or funds and will not be able to respond to individual emails or phone calls, we will provide additional email updates as information becomes available. As we face bankruptcy we ask for your forgiveness and patience."