Portland adopts new 'Livable Streets Strategy' for outdoor events

Sunday Parkways 2015 (SBG photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland City Council will adopt a new resolution Wednesday called the Livable Streets Strategy.

They city says it’s part of a plan to create more outdoor events in Portland.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has been working with an advisory committee over the last year to develop the policy and management program for Portland in the Streets.

The vision of the program is to streamline the application and permitting processes for events that take over Portland’s Streets.

Sunday Parkways is one of the best examples. The event converts miles of roadway into car-free fun zones.

The aim is to have more events like this that the public can access and enjoy.

But, they also want to encourage the public to come up with new and creative ideas that go beyond something like a farmer’s market.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman put the resolution forward and said it will rely heavily on community involvement.

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