Portland city councilors pass resolution to add 2,000 affordable housing units

Homeless in Portland (KATU News photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland city councilors unanimously voted Wednesday morning to approve a resolution that could be life-changing for those living on the streets.

The resolution will add 2,000 affordable housing units over the next 10 years.

The plan is to add about 200 affordable units to the city each year until 2028. The units will be spread across Portland in various locations.

Commissioner Nick Fish said the county is expected to adopt the same resolution, meaning the city and the county are working closely on the project and will combine resources.

“That's how we do the light rail. That's how we do everything big in our community; set the vision, bring everyone to the table, and we say, everyone has a role, city, county, state, non-profits, home forward, and everybody has to be a part of the solution,” Fish said.

He said they’ll take existing money out of the county and some money from the city, but in the long term, they’ll likely need to find a new source of revenue for the project.

Fish said even though the short-term costs are expensive, the long-term savings from the project will be enormous.

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