Portland family trying to solve 'Veggie Tales' theft

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Nichols family had two of their hand-cut, hand-painted Christmas decorations stolen from their front yard. Now, they just want them back.

They think it happened some time in the middle of the night Monday into Tuesday. Two hand cut and painted decorations were stolen from their front yard in Northeast Portland.

Kim Nichols spoke with KATU about the theft of the characters her husband cut and hand painted nearly 20 years ago for their young daughters. The figures have been on display in their front yard for so long, their house has become known in the neighborhood as the "Veggie Tales house."

Since they're such a part of their Christmas tradition, the family would like to get them back, no questions asked.

"It's kind of a collection," Nichols said. "And if my husband remakes them, and he probably will if they don't come back, that'll be so new and nice, and these have had the weathering of a lot of years of love and attention."

In the meantime, they'll wait and see. The spaces are open for Jimmy Gourd and his buddy the French Pea to come back and join their friends in time for Christmas.

"We just got them up this year. We almost did not put them for the first time in 17 or 18 years," Nichols said.