Portland hemp convention draws thousands to Expo Center

PORTLAND, Ore. There wasn't an empty aisle to be found at the Portland Expo Center.

Dozens of vendors showed off their products to thousands of people. There were the usual items you'd expect to find at this type of trade show, but a rapidly expanding business is leading to lots of unusual ideas also.

"We were trying to come up with things that aren't sweet," Angel Armstrong said.

Armstrong's Southern Oregon company makes marijuana-infused foods, including pot-laced salsa.

There's even a marijuana trade group, offering networking for those looking to join the budding business.

"I would have never believed this in all my life, that I'd ever be doing this," Roxann Taylor of the Marijuana Business Association said.

But it's not just marijuana-related companies looking to cash in.

"Our business will quadruple over the next 12-18 months from what we did last year alone," Noah Stokes of CannaGuard Security said.

Stokes owns his own a home and commercial security company called OmniGuard.

He saw the growing need for security at grow sites and dispensaries and decided to branch out. So he started a second company, CannaGuard.

"We've doubled the size of our company and by the time recreational marijuana in Oregon (takes effect) we will double again," Stokes said.

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