Portland man invents new way to take selfies

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland man has invented a new product that he says will revolutionize the way people take selfies.

"You have the selfie phenomenon," said inventor Matt Franklin. "You can tell the person is taking the picture with their arm in the frame."

Franklin developed the GripSnap to get rid of those pesky one-arm shots. GripSnap is a flexible monopod that holds your phone on one end. On the other end is a rubberized, magnetic base. You can attach the magnet to nearly all metal surfaces.

With the help of one of numerous camera timer apps on the market, you can then set a timer and capture the perfect shot. With metal surfaces like fire hydrants, light poles, railings, street signs, and cars all around, Franklin likes to think you can take a picture nearly anywhere.

"That's why I say the world is your tripod," Franklin said.

Franklin has a history of turning out innovative products over the years. He appeared on ABC's Shark Tank with a business partner to promote the PostureNOW, a posture correction device. It's been his most successful invention yet. KATU spoke with Franklin right before he appeared on Shark Tank.

He also participated in a story about another one of his inventions, the i90 Tablet Glasses. The glasses weren't nearly as successful as Franklin hoped. But Franklin forges ahead anytime a product fails to become successful.

"There's nothing worse than having a product fail," Franklin said. "But for me, it kind of fuels me to keep improving and do something better the next time.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for GripSnap yourself and decide whether or not to help fund it.