Portland mom sells book on Kickstarter to fund son's treatments

PORTLAND, Ore. - Shasta Kearns Moore said she felt like she ran out of options just a few months ago.

The Portland mother of twin boys was fighting to afford treatment for her son Malachi's cerebral palsy.

"My husband and I thought we were going to have to do this alone," said Kearns Moore. "We thought we'd have to drain our savings."

Malachi, who can neither sit nor stand without help, started an effective, but expensive therapy treatment a few months ago.

"Now he can roll over. He can crawl. He can crawl on his elbows," Kearns Moore said.

To help pay for their son's treatment, her husband suggested she turn the laminated cards that she read to her sons into a book that others could buy.

The result was "Dark and Light: A Love Story in Black and White."

"The primary inspiration for dark and light was his primary form of treatment," she said.

Kearns Moore submitted an online pitch on

"And within a week and a half, we met our goal. It was amazing," said Kearns Moore.

Now she's sold a few hundred copies, and counting.

"People are always telling special needs parents 'oh, you're so brave,' or whatever," she said. "You do what you have to do. It's not an option for me to let him not progress and be a self-fulfilled, empowered little boy."