Portland musician gets stolen trumpet back

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland musician whose trumpet was stolen as he was getting ready to play a concert last week has his instrument back.

Caleb Denison said a thief stole his trumpet as he was getting ready to play a First Thursday concert at his friend's new grocery store. Someone walked up and stole his bag while he wasn't looking, he said.

After the story aired on KATU News, someone who owns a food cart called KATU and said he recognized the suspect from the surveillance video. We passed along the information to Denison, who got in touch with that man and found the suspect near a food cart pod. That's when he called police and they took the man into custody.

"Fortunately he led them to where the trumpet was being held," said Denison. "There's still some missing gear, but I'm OK with that. I'm extremely grateful to KATU and everybody else that has helped me recover my instrument."

Denison said the trumpet was in good shape, but he planned to give it a bath before playing it again.