Portland police investigating toddler's death

Powell Court Apartments (KATU News photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police found a 2-year-old who wasn’t breathing at a southeast Portland house Monday. The child was later pronounced dead and the Portland Police Bureau Homicide Detail is investigating.

The boy's cause and manner of death won't be released until Wednesday at the earliest.

Katherine Federici, who also lives in the Powell Court Apartments, said the a man carrying the boy ran to her apartment seeking help after calling 911.

Federici then attempted CPR on the boy. The boy's stepfather told her he gave the toddler some juice before taking a nap with him around noon Monday.

"When I was giving him mouth-to-mouth, when I would blow in, his stomach would rise," said Federici. "But when it came back up it was like gurgle, gurgle. It would like gurgle back up. So I don't know, maybe he aspirated on his juice after he fell asleep. I don't know but it's just... I feel so sorry."

When emergency crews arrived, they transported the toddler to an area hospital, but the child could not be revived. He was later pronounced dead.

Federici, who knows the family personally, is convinced what happened is simply a terrible, tragic accident.

"Big loss, a very tragic loss," said Federici, "You know it can happen to anyone. I think most any parent should be certified in CPR and re-certified throughout the year so that in a case like this, an event like this, that you would know what to do and be able to start it right at the time so it's sooner than later."

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