Portland to adopt gender-neutral bathrooms in parks and city buildings

This May 11, 2014 photo shows an "All Gender Restroom" sign outside a bathroom in a bar in Washington. Confrontations have flared across the country over whether to protect or curtail the right of transgender people to use public restrooms in accordance with their gender identity. (AP Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland City Council is set to adopt a policy that will make hundreds of one-person bathrooms in city buildings and parks gender-neutral.

The council is expected to adopt the policy in a meeting Wednesday, June 1. All city bureaus will have until June 17, 2016 to make all single-user gender-specific restrooms into gender-neutral bathrooms.

Old signs designating gender-specific restrooms will be replaced by new signs with the words, "all-user restroom."

Due to the number of bathrooms impacted, Portland Parks and Recreation will have until Sept. 1 of this year to replace their signage.

In city buildings that lack single-user options, the city will convert some of those to all-user bathrooms with privacy screens.

The change involves more than 600 single-use restrooms city-wide. The resolution, which was passed late last year, was headed up by commissioner Nick Fish.

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