Portland Uber drivers outnumber taxis; company faces insurance bill

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Uber's fleet is now bigger than all the taxi companies in Portland combined, just two weeks after being legally allowed to operate within city limits under a pilot program.

Some customers complained of long waits because demand has outpaced available drivers.

"I'll get a fare and the person will be like 'Thank God you logged on I've been trying for five minutes to get a fare,'" said Uber driver Ryan Waters.

In the two weeks since it started, Uber says it has added 100 cars a week.

There are about 500 Uber cars in Portland, compared to around 460 taxis.

Just as Uber is taking off, there are two bills in the State Capitol that the tech giant is worried about.

Both House Bill 2995 & 2237 would require transportation companies like Uber and Lyft to have commercial insurance that covers their drivers.

Uber has been emailing its passengers, asking them to tell lawmakers they oppose the two bills.

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