Portland women return to run in Boston Marathon

PORTALND, Ore. - One year after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, a group of Portland runners is ready to run.

"We're there for you we're there to honor Boston and the running community thank you for your perseverance," Amie Kurian said.

Kurian designed the shirts the group will wear on Monday with the message "Oregon girls love Boston" across the front.

"We were the lucky ones," Alisa Foley told KATU.

They had already crossed the finish line last year when they heard an explosion and saw smoke. But she knows it could've been them.

"If our qualifying times had been a little bit slower, we would've been in that next wave and we would've been right there."

The women leave Saturday to run for those who can't.

"Training for a marathon is really hard but it doesn't compare to coming back from an amputation," Ashley Buffington said. "I'm running for those people because they can't run."

Kenan Macomber said last year was supposed to be this group's last marathon, but they couldn't retire their running shoes just yet.

"We said we're not putting the shoes away yet and go back and do this one last time," she said.