Power shopping for Christmas kicks in as Manic Monday arrives

PORTLAND, Ore. -- You've heard of Black Friday. Get ready for Manic Monday as power shopping for Christmas kicks in.

Monday is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year, as people dash out for last-minute gifts.

Toys-R-Us in Tigard is staying open straight through until Christmas. Other big-box retailers and small businesses have extended hours this week to accommodate people who procrastinated or forgot something on their gift lists.

The Hawthorne neighborhood in Southeast Portland was buzzing on Sunday night. Some stores also stayed open late while others kept normal hours but noticed more customers coming through the doors than usual.

Kenya Glosen is visiting Portland from Las Vegas. He, and his friend, Daniel Jones, spent part of their Sunday evening at Powell's Books picking up some last-minute gifts for friends. Glosen also treated himself to a couple of books.

"I'm going to make myself be done because I think I've spent too much money. I think I need to wait and spend some more tomorrow, you know kind of pace myself for each day that I'm here," said Glosen.

"Success! I'm actually done. I did the last of my Christmas shopping this afternoon. And now I get to enjoy the store," Jones said.

Jones believes there's some benefit of racing the clock to cross gifts off the list.

"There's a lot of good deals out there right now that people can take advantage of," Jones explained.

Glosen also said there's a greater lesson in all of this though.

"The true meaning of Christmas to me is something that is practiced all year. If you're a true giver you can give every day of every year," Glosen said.

One of the reasons there's been a big scramble to the finish for shoppers this year, there were only four weekends in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year there were five.