Preparing for hiking trip of a lifetime -- and then a theft

Portland, Ore. - A Corvallis woman was prepared for it all on a hiking trip of a lifetime.

What she didn't plan for was her car being broke into in an REI parking garage in the Pearl District and thousands of dollars of gear being stolen.

But thanks to strangers, $1,510 has been donated to Jessica Beauchemin through a crowdfunding website.

A friend started the website for Beauchemin after hearing about her plight and knowing how much she wanted to go on her trip.

Beauchemin planned to tour Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, Cape Lookout and the Willowas. A former teacher, she soon planned to start her own business and looked forward to this trip as one last adventure.

Her tent was stolen, her backpack and a week's worth of gear was also pilfered.

"The violation and the terror just churning my stomach," she said. "The feeling of being invaded. All that buildup to this big trip since April - since I first plotted (it) out."

Sadly, insurance only covered a few hundred bucks worth of gear.

"I feel like I'm pretty well prepared for life and what it has to throw at me, but when I feel like I failed to protect myself that's a pretty powerful feeling," she said.

But now, thanks to the generosity of strangers, the money is trickling in.

"After having that experience in the parking lot and that terror and that anger, to have the complete oppositeto know that most people are amazing," she said.

To donate to Beauchemin's stolen gear fund, go here.