Preview: Is Sharing Spree just one big scam?

Charity or scam? KATU On Your Side Investigator Dan Tilkin is on the trail of hundreds of thousands of dollars that seemingly disappeared.

The financial funny business is tied to the deal-a-day business Sharing Spree ( - it operates in several US cities, but its owners live here in Oregon.

Just like Groupon or LivingSocial, the web-based service offers great discounts, but Sharing Spree promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

But now customers, businesses and charities who've used Sharing Spree are turning on the company - claiming they never received the service they paid for or the money they were promised. When their phone calls and emails went unanswered, frustrated consumers turned to KATU for help.

For weeks now, Investigator Dan Tilkin has been trying to get answers from Ron Sapp, the company owner. And after an extensive records search turned up troubling new information about Sapp's former business dealings, Dan has finally chased him down for a confrontation.

You'll see the results on KATU News at 5.