Professional instructors say it's time to require driver's ed

SALEM, Ore. - On Thursday night, police say a 15-year-old driver lost control of the SUV she was driving on Roy Rogers Road in Sherwood. The SUV crossed the centerline and struck 66-year-old Dale Smith on his motorcycle, killing him.

The teen was driving with a valid learner's permit and there was a licensed driver with her.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, two thirds of teenage drivers in Oregon only learn how to drive from their parents. There's nothing illegal about that. It is not known if the teenager in Thursday's accident had received professional driving instruction.

But many professional driving instructors want lawmakers to force teenagers to take professional driving classes so they don't learn the bad habits their parents may teach them.

Click the "Play Video" button above to watch KATU's Dan Cassuto get critiqued by a professional driving instructor and get some tips to make him, and perhaps you, a better driver.