Prosecutors don't charge man with animal abuse

PORTLAND, Ore. - Prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against a man who was accused of abusing a dog.

The dog has been involved in an unusual custody battle where a man lost his dog and then found it living with a new owner more than a year later. He tried to get the dog back, but when Jordan Biggs, the woman who had the dog, refused, she was charged with theft.

After being accused of theft, she told prosecutors that the original owner, Samuel Hanson-Fleming, neglected and abused the dog.

However on Friday prosecutors said they could not find enough evidence to charge Hanson-Fleming with animal abuse. Prosecutors worked with Portland police officers and Oregon Humane Society officers but in the end said they didn't have enough to bring a case to trial.

"Although the investigation revealed treatment that could be characterized as inappropriate, all three agencies agree that a criminal case for animal abuse or animal neglect cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt," Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Nicole Jergovic wrote in a memo.

Meanwhile, Bear is still being held by the humane society.