Aftermath: Protest organizers disavow destruction, set plan to repair damages

Aftermath: Protest organizers disavow destruction, set plan to repair damages (KATU)

A once-peaceful protest in Portland turned violent Thursday evening as anarchists burned flags, broke store windows and damaged cars. The group that organized the protest, which began with about 4,000 people at Pioneer Courthaouse Square in the late afternoon Thursday, has disavowed the destruction and violence, and plans to help businesses repair the damages.

A spokesperson for the Portland's Resistance movement said in a release that the destruction and violence had nothing to do with their group.

"We would like to take a few moments to disavow the actions taken to destroy property, to clarify the intentions and goals of our new efforts and to offer empathy to all the stakeholders in last night’s protests and those to come," the release said.

Members of the group set up a GoFundMe to help businesses repair the damages, which has a goal of $20,000.

"We will be volunteering all day tomorrow to clean up our city that was vandalized by individuals who are not connected to our group," the release said.

The release also noted that the group has set a meeting at City Hall for Friday at 5 p.m. to discuss its plans moving forward. The meeting will likely touch on the group's demands, but also on how to account for and fix the damage done in Thursday night's riot.

Officers arrested at least 26 people overnight, according to Portland Police. No law enforcement officers were hurt.

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