Protesters gather in Portland to support the people of Ferguson

PORTLAND, Ore.Protesters gathered at the Portland Police Bureau's North Precinct Thursday night in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri.

About a hundred people showed up to the protest.

At least one protester lay down in a bike lane while a fellow protester drew a chalk line around her. People held up signs that said, "Justice for Mike Brown," who was the unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson.

Some even blocked traffic.

A few people told KATU that a protest like this just wasn't necessary, because there are other ways to send these messages to authorities and to public leaders who can help solve some of these race relation problems and issues that people say that they have with the police.

Earlier in the afternoon, dozens of people gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square to hold a national moment of silence for the victims of police brutality.

Meanwhile, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales released a statement about the violence in Ferguson. In that statement he said society has "failed multiple groups" in America.

"No law-abiding people should ever have reason to fear the police," Hales said. "Yet we must honestly admit that, too often, this is not true for a wide swath of our community: people of color."

He said that's why he's focusing on ways to help African Americans in education, jobs and lowering the number who are jailed. He also said he's made police training a priority.