Protesters say some material at Seaside sex conference pornographic

SEASIDE, Ore. - A group of concerned citizens gathered outside the convention center Monday morning to protest an adolescent sexuality conference, because they feel that some of the material being presented has become pornographic.

"We want them to be accountable to the parents of the children that they're sending to the conference - and also bringing this content back to the public schools," said Michael Kelly, who is concerned about the conference. "And a lot of parents are completely in the dark about what goes on here and the content."

The protesters are also worried parents are being left out of the conversation that they should be having with their children.

Conference organizers say their purpose is simple.

It's "To provide educational resources to adults, teachers who work with youth in the area of human sexuality, in the area of health, and to provide knowledge and skills to youth so that they can make healthy choices in their lives," said Brad Victor, chair of the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force.

About 20 percent to 25 percent of the attendees are high school and college students. Anyone under 18 has to have a parent's permission to attend and has to be chaperoned throughout the conference.

Organizers also say that this is the 37th year of the conference, and it's the first time they've had any protest over content.

For the next two days over 300 people are expected to attend the conference.