Puppy stolen from car, owner worried about puppy's health

PORTLAND, Ore. - Someone swiped a 5-month-old puppy right from the owner's car in a Walmart parking lot last Monday.

It happened at the Walmart on Southeast 82nd and Holgate.

The owner, Shannon McCallie, says she left her two dogs inside the car just after 7:30 that night for 20 minutes while she went to get some dog food.

When she came back, her 5-month-old pit bull puppy, Jasper was gone. She says she's worried about the puppy's health.

"He has a medical condition, which is really big," she said. "He takes his pills every day and now he doesn't have them. And that's what we're afraid of, because he whines when his stomach starts to hurt him, and we know that means to get him up and move him around. They won't know that, and they might be mean to him, thinking he's just whining, and that's not the case."

Jasper is white with one black ear and some black spots.

Police say the suspect drove a silver or gold sedan, possibly a Chrysler Sebring. They're looking at surveillance video from the store but can't release it yet.

If you have any information about this case, call Portland police.