Puppy stolen from humane society reunited with new family

PORTLAND, Ore. - It was a special Christmas for the Belzer family.

Their new puppy, a three-month-old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named "John", is finally going home with them.

"I've been begging for a dog for years," said Lauren Belzer, who first spotted John online. "Nothing compares to this."

The family came to adopt him on Saturday, but John was stolen from the Oregon Humane Society minutes before he was going to go home with them.

"I was holding his new collar and leash, getting ready to put it on him when they brought him out," said Lauren Belzer.

"At some point, there was the realization that he wasn't there," said Mike Belzer. "To have their emotions crushed for Christmas was upsetting."

"It was really a quiet ride home," said Madison Belzer. "We were all crying."

John was found Monday evening. Gresham police got an anonymous tip from someone who saw and recognized the puppy, according to David Lytle with OHS.

He was reunited with the Belzer family on Christmas Day.

"I heard the phone ringing and I was like, 'is that them calling about John?' Said Lauren Belzer. "And she's like 'yep, they found him.'"

Police said they are investigating the case. No arrested have been made.

"I'm so happy that they found him," said Madison Belzer. "This is by far the best Christmas present."