Racist messages sent by social media at Lewis & Clark College

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Racist messages were received by students on the Lewis & Clark College Campus on Tuesday.

They were delivered by the social media platform YikYak to all students, and threatened black people and used the hashtag "bring back slavery."

Students quickly organized a rally that was unlike any protest most of us have seen before, it was quiet. The peace was their way of fighting against the shocking comments.

Camile Wong is a first year student from San Francisco.

"I was shocked. I was like, 'Oh my God, someone wrote this? How could someone write this?'"

Dean of Students Anna Gonzalez is not a fan of the anonymity of YikYak. She believes people should take responsibility for what they post.

"They shouldn't be anonymous postings," she says. "If they believe this then let's have that dialogue and conversation. But to post it anonymously is really cowardly."

A rally in response to the message was quickly organized Wednesday morning and student body president Daniela Lopez said she was happy with the turnout.

"This is a wonderful time for students to really just recognize what's going on," she says. "Recognize that it's real, and that there are some students on campus who don't have the same rights and privileges that other students do."

This is not the first incident of racist messages going around campus. There was another last year, and previously in 2013. Campus administration has turned over the information to Portland Police, but right now they are not investigating it as a crime.