Rain returns to the Northwest, expect a lot more by Monday

PORTLAND, Ore. - At long last, the rain has returned. But what a great run summer had.

After a stretch of over 100 days of blue skies, warm temperatures and summer fun, broken just once by a piddling .04 inches of rain many weeks ago, Northwest weather reality has returned along with the rain drops.

KATU Meteorologist Rhonda Shelby says to expect rain today with steady rain Friday night, followed by showers on Saturday.

Then, on Sunday, the real soaker moves in. "We'll get more rain in the next four days than we got in the last 100 days," Shelby said Friday morning. She said the forecast calls for a total of up to one and half inches of rain in Willamette Valley locations through Tuesday. Coastal and mountain regions can expect even more.

After that, things begin to dry out a bit, but for how long?

Drivers are reminded that when the rain starts falling, it's time to remember your wet weather driving safety tips: increase following distances, decrease speeds, and maybe get some new wiper blades, which have been cooking in sunlight for the past three months.

Shelby also warned drivers to watch for hydroplaning when heavier rains move in Sunday into Monday.

And maybe now is a good time to dust off the skiing and snowboarding gear as well. While no new snow is expected at ski-level elevations with this storm, the unofficial start of ski season - Thanksgiving weekend - is just six weeks away.

Rhonda says rain Friday night could be heavier than earlier predictions. Here's an update: