Rainier HS students say they're suspended for standing up to cyberbullying

RAINIER, Ore. - About a hundred students charged out of Rainier High School Friday to chant and rally behind two students they say were disciplined for doing the right thing.

KATU News had to interview senior Naythan Taylor and freshman Dylan Lane off school property, because the two are not allowed there during their suspension. During the interview, a group of students ran out of the school and off school property to rally behind the two suspended students.

A few days ago someone posted a picture of Dylan on Instagram that included comments telling him to kill himself.

Nathan said the school didn't do anything about it right away.

"There was a life-threatening statement made," he said. "That's what scared me the most. And for a principal to say drop it and go back to class, you have nothing to do with the issue - (it) really was frustrating."

The superintendent and the principal declined to comment. The school did give KATU a document that said Naythan was suspended for disruptive behavior and language when he addressed a school official. But Naythan said if he was worked up it was because after multiple times going to the school for help, he said they didn't care enough to stop it.

An official comment from the district is expected Monday.