Rattlesnake bites woman who has warning for hikers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Western rattlesnake, it's the only venomous snake native to Oregon and Washington, crossed paths with Anita Duvall on a trail near Lyle, Washington on Mother's Day.

It bit her on the leg.

"It stung sharp," Duvall said, while wearing a t-shirt that reads "hater" with an image of a snake below.

That bite did a lot of damage in the 20 minutes it took rescuers to reach her a mile up on the trail where she was hiking alone. She was bed-ridden for weeks in pain.

"It's a paralytic and it affects the nerves, so it's a strong really sharp nerve pain worse than having a baby. Maybe two babies at once. But it lasts for weeks," Duvall said.

The bruising and swelling has mostly gone away, but she was still shaken by the bite she never saw coming.

"Be aware of your surroundings. I went tired. I didn't have enough food--didn't use my sticks to go through the foliage. Just be aware of what may get you," she said.