Recent storms leave some area farms without corn mazes

DAYTON, Ore. - Acres of corn fields across the Willamette Valley were leveled during last weekend's storms, leaving some businesses without a fall staple.

Corn mazes are a significant part of the season's business for dozens of area farms.

"When I saw the storm coming and I was like This is not going to be good," said John Heiser, owner of Heiser Farms. "I had no idea it was going to be this bad."

Heiser spent $4,000 on this fall's corn maze, which included a special message to his newly wedded daughter.

Last weekend's wind and rain crushed nearly every stalk for seven acres, he said.

"We hadn't opened for the season. Nobody had paid to come through. I was in the process of putting straw down and we hadn't had any customers here," said Heiser.

Heiser isn't the only farmer whose corn fields felt the wrath of the storms. Many other farms are in the same situation.

"That was a winter storm. That was a storm like we have in December and January," said Heiser.

Heiser says he's more frustrated that families won't be able to enjoy his corn maze this fall. It's the first time in 15 years he won't have a corn maze.

"There's always next year."