Record-setting rain expected this weekend

PORTLAND, Ore. - KATU meteorologists say the expected amount of rain this weekend will probably break some records.

Three rainstorms are forecast to bring 2 or 4 inches of rain to the valley and 6 to 8 inches in the mountains this weekend.

A wind advisory will be in effect for the Willamette Valley from 3 to 8 p.m. on Saturday. The strongest winds will occur during that time, with gusts from 40-50 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

The storms look as though they'll get worse as the weekend wears on.

"The first couple days are going to be garden variety," said KATU meteorologist Rhonda Shelby. "The third one is going to pack a wallop. That one will hit the hardest, where it's raining sideways."

The first storm hit Friday afternoon, with moderate rainfall. The second, which will bring more rain than the first, will move in Saturday morning and KATU meteorologist Dave Salesky said there will be heavy rain throughout the day.

By Sunday night the third storm will have brought the rain totals up toward four inches.

The storm is a remnant of Typhoon Usagi, which killed at least 25 people in China this week, and it's likely to cause an extra inch or two of rain by Monday morning.

The storm stretches from the northern Gulf of Alaska and into Washington and Oregon - about 2,000 miles, Salesky said.

The major rivers in the area aren't likely to flood, but those in the Cascades and the Coast Range are vulnerable to flash-flooding.

Shelby said people in the Portland metro area should clean out their storm drains, which are in danger of flooding.

"It's not gonna be "grab the sandbags" in the metro area, but it might be in some of the outlying areas," she said.

Salesky said it'll likely be Wednesday before we "see a good chance of a completely dry day."

Although the Ducks' game in Eugene might be relatively dry, Beavers' fans aren't likely to be so lucky. The second storm should be in full force when Oregon State plays Colorado in Corvallis at noon Saturday.

Elsewhere, the Portland Bureau of Transportation announced the last Sunday Parkways ride of the year - which was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Sunday in Southwest Portland - has been canceled.

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